New Augusta - Evo 2

New Augusta - Evo 2

The Augusta is a golf trolley with an intelligent electric brake-motor.

We only sell golf trolleys and accessories. Own workshop. Guaranteed spare parts.

Why buy a CARRYGOLF?

1. Product Exclusivity:

CARRYGOLF is a company dedicated solely and exclusively to the sale of electric golf carts.

2. Fine tunning

Our cars receive a thorough "set-up" before being delivered to our customers. A good example is the alignment process. It is unjustifiable that a car has a tendency to move to the right or to the left.

3. Technical assistance service

We promise to deliver your CARRYGOLF within 10 days either because of maintenance or damage. We respond to messages or calls on it in one day more than 90% of the time.

4. Experience

Our R & D department has not rested in the last 5 years. The new AUGUSTA EVO 2 models are the result of experience and mistakes.

5. Warranty

Two year guarantee. Our clients are extremely satisfied with our attention. We are the first ones interested in avoiding manufacturing errors as they are very expensive.

6. Personalization

You can choose the color of the chassis, wheels and card holder. Customizing these details the car changes amazingly.

7. Spare Parts

Fully equipped. We have spare parts for all the pieces.

8. Operating

Instructions We have deleted the typical instruction manual for short videos with all kinds of details. In less than 20 minutes you will understand perfectly all the peculiarities of the AUGUSTA EVO 2.

9. Cleaning

It can be cleaned with a medium pressure water machine, except in the upper part of the control panel (control plate and potentiometer). We have incorporated the necessary accessories to facilitate the cleaning with total comfort.  The price Includes transportation to the entire peninsula.

10. The price

Also includes the conventional accessories (battery charger, card holder, accessory to place the umbrella ...). Forget additional expenses.

11. Price-quality ratio.

Making quality requires investment. Be wary of electric golf carts with very cheap prices in appearance. Our price-quality ratio is optimal.




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